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Our Available Tents
20 x 17 (1 center pole)
20 x 37 (3 center poles)
32 x 50 (2 center poles)
32 x 70 (3 center poles)
44 x 63 (2 center poles)
44 x 83 (3 center poles) currently only available for season long rentals 
20 x 20 (high-peak frame tent)
20 x 30 (double high-peak frame tent)
20x40 (double high-peak frame tent)

10x15 Tidewater Marquee Tent (connecting pathway between 2 pole tents)
**All tents include: walls, flags, stake caps, installation & removal. All tents are sailcloth.  Walls are left under the tent.  Wall installation can be accomodated if arrangments are made upon booking. Wall installation adds $300 to tent prices**   

For pricing for your event, please call or fill out the quote form.

My inventory has been meticulously chosen with elegance, beauty and uniformity in mind.  All of our tents are single piece tops, meaning no stitch seams that break up the visual flow of the space.  All of our hardware is uniform and matches beautifully.  Side pannels, flags and stake covers are included with all installations.  All tents have 8' eves.  Our Pole Tents all have wooden side poles and center poles.   

32x50 Tidewater Tent

32x70 Tidewater Tent

44x63 Tidewater Tent

44x83 Tidewater Tent