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Lighting is not only needed during the evening hours of your Maine wedding or event, it also adds atmosphere! Tent lighting instantly transforms a tent space from a shelter to a party.  The atmosphere becomes festive and whimsical.  Even in daylight, the lights set the mood.  Coastal Maine Canopies offers elegant lighting solutions to give your Maine wedding a rustic touch and coastal feel.  Lighting a sailcloth tent, especially in the canopy, truly shows the full potential of a Tidewater Tent.  White string cafe lighting works beautifully around the perimeter and overhead.  Onion Lamps dress up the center poles of the tents while adding light.  Up lighting is capable of lighting an entire tent without the use of string lights.  As a specialized company, each of our tents is outfitted with its own unique set of lights.  All of my lighting equiptment was manufactured specifically for professional wedding tent rental installsions and this is the only way that I utilize my lights.  Whether a nautical wedding, barn wedding, rustic wedding or just a backyard gathering among family, a sailcloth tent will make your Maine event truly memorable and a unique experience in the rental industry.  Please feel free to have your guests use #coastalmainecanopies when posting images of my tents.

Tent Lighting Options

Café Lighting

White string cafe lighting can be run around the perimter of a tent, or overhead.  A warm glow is available in either incandescent or LED bulbs.  With a bulb every two feet, these are a traditional and elegant way to illuminate your event. Incandescent bulbs are 11 Watts/ea compared to the LED equivelant of 1 Watt/bulb.  Both options are dimmable

44x83 sailcloth tent fully lit with LED

CAN Lighting

Side pole mounted CAN lights illuminates your tent without the use of light strings.  These come standard with 11 Watt LEDs (75 Watt Eq) but are extremely customizable.  Colored filters are available (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow), or in programmable LEDs.  The white bulbs are dimmable, including with a filter.  The programmable LEDs are not capable of dimming, but versitile in their own respect.

CAN Lighting illuminating a Tidewater Sailcloth Tent by Coastal Maine Canopies

Onion Lamps

Mounted on the centerpoles in pairs, these are a less is more approach to lighting, or a nice addition to some overhead cafe strings.  Beautiful when paired with perimeter lighting.  These lamps each have 60 Watt Edison bulbs for additional warmth and affect.

Onion Lamps in a Tidewater Sailcloth Tent


4 CAN Lights arranged aound each center pole of your tent.  These come standard with 11 Watt (75 Watt eq.) LED bulbs.  You can add filters to these to splash the canopy with color, while maintaining dimming capabilities.  You can also use programmable LEDs for a variety of colors, or affects.  Put these lamps on a seperate dimmer and use them with color for dancing.  Also capable of lighting a tent alone.

Tent Up-Lighting in a Tidewater Sailcloth Tent by Coastal Maine Canopies

ProgrammableLED Bulbs

These  lights have the option of coming with a remote.  17 colors to choose from, including white.  There are also 4 color changing settings to give some affects for the right crowd.  These remember the last setting, so you can turn them off and sync them to smoothly transition in unison.  These lights ARE NOT capable of bing dimmed.  They can be installed in Up-Lighting or Side Pole CAN fixtures.

the array of color options available thr

Gallery With Lighting Descriptions

Click to open full size image.  Mobile view, click to show more at mottom for more images

32x50 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent

Blue Filtered CAN Lighting & Up-Lighting Splash The Peaks & Perimeter with Blue While Onion Lamps Add A Warm Glow

32x50 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Purple an

White Up-Lighting, Purple LEDs (Programmable) Along With 100' Of LED Cafe Lighting Running Between The Center Poles.

String Lighting Between Center Poles

White Perimeter CAN Lighting, Up-Lighting and LED Cafe String.

Dimmed LED Cafes

LED Cafe Bulbs In A 44x83, Dimmed For A More Romantic Setting. Up-Lighting With Amber Bulbs Also On Dimmers In This Installation.

A wonderful view of a wedding in full sw

10 Strings Of Overhead Cafe Lights, Onion Lamps & Perimeter Cafe Sting In A 44x63 Photo By: Danielle Brady Photography

CAN Lighting After Dark

A 32x50 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Illuminated With Perimeter CAN Lights Only. These Lights Are Dimmable

Onion Lamps & Perimeter Cafes

The After Dark Outside Perspective Of Perimeter Cafe Lights & Onion Lamps In A 44x63 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent. Photo By: Jessie Dinees Photography Venue: Live Well Farm

Onion Lamps & Filtered CAN Lights

Perimeter Can Lighting w/ Blue Filters & Onion Lamps. Filtered Colors Are Dimmable LEDs

Overead Cafe Lights

A 32x70 Tidewater Sailcoth Tent Lit w/ 8 Strings Of Overhead Cafe Lights. Inside View. Photo By: Katelyn Mallett Photography Venue: The Barn At Autumn Lane

Overhead Cafe Lighting

A 32x70 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Illuminated w/ 8 Strings Of Overhead Cafe Lights. Outside View. Photo By: Katelyn Mallett Photography

A Fully Lit 44x63 Sailcloth Tent

Perimeter Cafe Lights, 10 Strings Of Overhead Cafe Lights & Onion Lamps

Fully Lit 44x63 After Dark

See The Warm Glow Of A Tidewater Sailcloth Tent After Dark On A Cool September Night In Maine. This Tent Has Full Lighting.

Dimmer Switches

Add A Dimmer Switch(s) To MOST Light Installations. Capable Of Taking Up To 2000 Watts Each, Some Installations May Require Multiple Switches. All Of My Exquiptment Is Dimmable EXCEPT For My Color Changing LEDs

Overhead & Perimeter Cafe Strings

6 Strings Of Overhead Cafe Lights & Perimeter Cafe Lights in a 44x63


4 CAN Lights On Each Center Pole Illuminating The Peaks. This image installation also utilizes overhead cafe light strings.

44x83 After Dark w/ Up-Lights

3 Center Poles w/ Up-Lighting Illuminate The Peaks. There Are No Other Lights In This Image

Onion Lamps

A Simple & Elegant Touch

Perimeter CAN Lights

32x50 w/ 14 Perimeter CAN Lights. Dimmable LED bulbs.

Dimmable LED Cafe Lights & Up-Lights

A 44x83 Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Lit With 8 Strings Of LED Cafes, Perimeter Cafes & Up-Lighting (All On 1 Dimmer!) Save Energy!

OnIon Lamps & Cafe Lights

Even While Still Light Outside, These Onion Lamps & Overhead Cafe Lights Add Warmth & A Festive Feel! (Notice The Shadow Of The Flag)

Lighting Video Gallery

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