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Dance Floor

A dance floor designates a particular space for people to come and move to the music. Wether being performed by musicians in a band, blutooth speakers paired with a phone/iPod or by a DJ, music brings life and atmosphere to any event.  Having a designated dancing space keeps the flow of movent to the desired area.  Onlookers can watch without infringing on this space.  Anybody wearing a heel will thank you for providing a hard, flat surface in which to dance upon with confidence that their heel will not sink into the ground. The 4x4 dance floor panels are the natural color as seen in the background of this page and match the color of the wooden tent poles.  A dance floor rental is especially useful for a Maine Wedding when taking place in a backyard wedding setting where the ground may be lumpy or uneven.  Be sure to book your dance floor rental along with your Tidewater Sailcloth Tent Rental and have both installed by a Maine Wedding Professional.

Standard Dance Floor Sizes

9  Pieces  (12 x 12)


12  Pieces  (12 x 16)


16  Pieces  (16 x 16)


20  Pieces  (16 x 20)

24  Pieces  (16 x 24)


25  Pieces  (20 x 20)


30  Pieces  (24 x 30)

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